About ‘Encounters with God. The presence or lack thereof…’
by Vanja Karas

Spirituality as a term these days, even amongst some atheists, is used as a way of stepping beyond religious divides, organised religion and its institutions, as a feeling that there must be something else be it ‘God’ or some sort of ‘other’. Instead of sticking to rigid doctrines and conforming to strict expectations and demands of organised religion, spirituality becomes about personal experience of a higher reality, morals or dimension to life allowing one to borrow from different faiths creating and formulating own meanings and interpretations of what ‘God’ or ‘other’ might be. This work explores most recognisable visual system of symbols used by Christianity through the crucifixion of Christ and theories of atonement and reconciliation (as sacrifice, forgiveness and moral example) in search of a higher meaning, alongside the invisible rays of the spiritual ‘other’ whatever it may be…

From the press
The exhibition has been making the waves in both British and Indian press. According to Huffington Post some of London’s best contemporary art was selected for this exhibition in India. In India, the interpretations of the theme ‘GOD’ and the selection of international artists, captured lots of attention and lots of press coverage too. Very flattered that my work was selected as one of the highlights of the exhibition, below.


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