In 2005 Tim Andrews was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Since he was diagnosed Tim approached a number of photographers whose work he admired and asked them to photograph him as part of his project Over the Hill, a project he says he dedicated to his wife Jane. It was very moving for me to be part of this journey and I feel very honoured and privileged to have been asked by Tim to be part of his extraordinary exploration of self expression. Tim has over the years, during what must have been a very difficult period of his life, created a beautiful conceptual time piece, which is ultimately about love and lust for life. And for that reason I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to take these very intimate portraits of Tim in his space and meet his wife and family. Over the Hill project has now come to an end, of sorts, but knowing Tim’s drive and dedication, there is a lot more to come…. Since it’s inception in 2007 this project resonated with so many, it featured on The Culture Show on BBC TV, had over 200,000 page views on his blog, 9 exhibitions, articles and features in The Big Issue, Photography Monthly, The Guildford Magazine, The Times, The British Journal of Photography, The Guardian Weekend magazine, The Daily Telegraph and The  Parkinson magazine. What an amazing journey! Thank you Tim you are an inspiration! More on Tim’s blogspot here.

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