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56th Venice Biennale, All The World’s Futures
‘An Experimental Disquiet Journey Undertaken Involuntarily installation by Vanja Karas

‘Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.‘ André Gide

The disquiet decay and debris of history is exponentially piling up. The world around us is deeply flawed. Surrounded by injustice, wounds, divisions and great uncertainties as to what the future might bring to mankind we question chances of our salvation. To look ahead and seek answers for the future, we must look back. History appears to be very much an eternal recurrence and the passages of time appear cyclical rather than linear. These recurrent patterns of both time and human existence have always been flawed and transient directly correlating to unchanging essence of human nature. Stuck in our ways, as humans, we seem to drift, caught up in the storm between the continual change and repetitive patterns of history. This storm is what we call progress. ‘An Experimental Disquiet Journey Undertaken Involuntarily’ borrows historical objects, references and memories from my immediate surroundings in an attempt to examine through different contexts fragments of unexpected consequences while depicting the cyclical nature of something that is forever different but ultimately always the same, manifesting itself in human form. (© 2015)