Le Jeune Homme Et La Mort, The London Coliseum Photography By Vanja Karas

LE JEUNE HOMME ET LA MORT – THE YOUNG MAN AND DEATH, follows a young man compelled by love for a cruel mistress. He desperately waits for her in his Parisian garret; but when she finally arrives, it is to torment him, daring him to commit suicide. When he kills himself, she returns with the mask of Death and the two figures walk away. The London Coliseum, Young Man performed by Roberto Bolle and Ivan Vasiliev, principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, previously the principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet and Svetlana Lunkina, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet. Also with Marcello Gomez, Denis Matvienko, and Leonid Sarafanov Photos © Vanja Karas March 2014