Kontakthof By Pina Bausch, Barbican Photography By Vanja Karas


This body of work explores the neo-expressoinist non-verbal narrative of movement and dance. These images are part of a series taken during the performance created by the legendary German choreographer Pina Bausch performed, after her death in 2009, by her theatre group Tanztheater Wuppertal. The series, however, is not only about the aesthetics of Pina Bausch’s neo-expressionist choreography and movement: it also explores the comfort and discomfort of solitude and the interplay between the voluntary and involuntary basis on which we collect, cultivate, recall and process our memories. Dealing with the historical narrative through symbolism, allegory and myth, the dramatic physical idiosyncrasy is created by the performers, all specially chosen to be over 65, from the generation that carries pre-Berlin Wall memories and experiences. Some live and long for the past, some escape into their fantasies, others don’t want to remember…


2012     24th London Photography Annual Exhibition, The Strand Gallery, London
2012     Something of the Night, The Strand Gallery, London
2012     Pina Bausch, Kontakthof, Posthumous, Galerie Huit, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Galerie Huit, France
2012     Solitary / Transience, Arles Contemporary/Arles Contemporain, Galerie Huit, France
2012     Moving Pictures, Casino Title Sequence, Auction, Ground Floor Left, London (alongside Richard Wilson and Gavin Turk)
2012     Solitary / Transience, China House, Penang, Malaysia
2012     Solitary / Transience, Alliance Francaise, Penang, Malaysia
2011     Pina Bausch, 23 London Independent Photography Annual Exhibition, Proud Central, Photomonth, London
2011     Solitary on Danube, Galerie Huit, during Les Rencontres d’Arles Festival, France
2011     The Royal Wedding, London Portrait & Documentary Project, World Photography Festival, Somerset House, London
2010     22nd Annual Exhibition, London Independent Photography, Proud Central (The Strand Gallery), London
2010     24 Hours of Art, International Art Festival, New Moment (Saatchi and Saatchi) Gallery, Belgrade
2010     Stop Motion, Annual Exhibition. Brent Artists Gallery, London
2010     The Ugly Bugs Ball, Chelsea Arts Club, London
2010     Going Postal, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Artwork Auctioned by Bonhams, London
2010     Permanent Installation Swiss Re Building AKA the Gherkin, London
2010     Open Salon, Viewfinder Gallery, London
2009    Separating Myth from Reality, International Art Festival, Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal
2009     Exquisite Corpse, Chelsea Arts Club, London
2009     Moving Pictures – Persistence of Vision, Portobello Film Festival, London
2009     Queen’s Elm Artists at Queen’s Elm Gallery, London
2009     50×50, Brent Artists Resource Gallery, London
2009     Summer Exhibition 2009, Royal Academy of Arts, London

Vanja Karas, Royal Academy of Arts 2009, London

2009     Spring Exhibition, BAR Art Gallery, London
2009     Food for Thought, BAR Art Gallery, London
2009     In Print, BAR Art Gallery, London
2009     Open Salon, Viewfinder Gallery, Greenwich
2008     Kathmandu, St Mary’s Hospital, permanent installation
2008     Open Door, Royal Overseas League, London
2008     Lost and Found, St Matthews Gallery, London
2008     De Vere, Canary Wharf, permanent installation
2007     Red Dot, Association of Photographers Gallery, London
2007     What Haunts You, Photographers Gallery, London
2007     Home, Willesden Art Gallery, London
2007     Now and Then, Brent Museum, London, part of museum’s permanent collection
2007     Portfolio, Association of Photographers Gallery, London
2006     Annual Exhibition, London Independent Photography, Cottons Atrium, London
2006     Decisive Movement, BAR Art Gallery, London
2005     LIP Annual Exhibition, Smethwick Photographic Society, Smethwick
2005     Annual Exhibition, London Independent Photography, Cottons Atrium, London
2005     Eastern Cameos, Dissenters Gallery, London, solo exhibition
2005     Around a Mile, Dissenters Gallery, London